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Cat Stickers

  • IN-120308
  • Our Cat Stickers are cat-tastic party favors! These full-color photo stickers are purr-fect party supplies for the cat lover in your life.
  • Cut them apart and slip some into treat bags, or use as table decorations when you cover a plain plastic table cover with them. They're paws-atively adorable! Great for scrapbooks and photo albums, too.
  • $5.99 BUY AT AMAZON

Product Description

High quality cat stickers

  • We use only high-quality materials. We pay great attention to detail and maintain high quality standards. The stickers are shipped in Ziploc bags which are resealable and makes for easy storing. Our stickers are waterproof and will maintain a long shelf life. We know you will be greatly satisfied with our product.
  • Perfect for party favors, homemade gifts, baking and cooking boxes, and holiday card envelopes etc. You can put these fun stickers on clothing, papers, notebooks and posters for school classroom holiday activity. These cute cat stickers will bring you fun.
  • Put these lovely cat stickers on or in party goody bags or drop an assortment of stickers into gift bags! Great for envelope sealing, boxes/jars/bags of home baking goods, arts and crafts, scrapbooks, notebooks, paper, child who just loves stickers, or any your own purpose.

Easy to use

  • These cat stickers are cutting fine, easy to peel and the color printed brightly. Just peel and stick anywhere you like. Very easy to use and can be removed easily from most surfaces.
  • These lovely cat stickers will make your life unique and attractive. When you bring these stickers for school holidays and home activity, your friends will focus on your stickers.  You can also send them as gifts.
  • 9 different lovely cat stickers per sheet, 10 sheets.
    Size: Sheets 5.7" X 5.7". Each sticker 1.5".
    You can get 90 stickers per package.