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  • Peppermint Floor Decals
  • Peppermint Floor Decals
  • Peppermint Floor Decals
  • Peppermint Floor Decals
Peppermint Floor DecalsPeppermint Floor DecalsPeppermint Floor DecalsPeppermint Floor Decals

Peppermint Floor Decals

  • IN-1209
  • Four 7
  • Mapping your customer’s desired path through a sales floor, directing flow of traffic in a warehouse, or even outlining dance steps in a dance studio.
  • Add some sweet treats to your dance floor or party venue. Perfect for Christmas parties, classroom decoration or school events. You can also use them in your store. Put these peppermint stickers on your concrete floor by the front door leading from the entrance to the stairs. Put them on where customers typically become confused. These decals will help greatly!
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Product Description

Ceiba Tree

Let's stick together. Just a little bit more.
We believe that a tiny change in life can cause people to gravitate towards one another. When talking about our product with others, you may be surprised to find how much you all have in common. Ceiba Tree's vision is to contact people, giving you freedom to enjoy life and savor the experience.

Guide your way

Often used for school, office, medical clinic and for steps to a new office or counter location. Show people where to stand for pictures, ID photos, entry or exit points, etc. Line up your students or use for marking the safety aisle or egress route. They are great for your holiday party and home use.

Christmas Home Décor

These Peppermint Floor Decals are great for a Candyland-themed party or for just adding a little yumminess to your Christmas home décor. Guide people with ease, these peppermint decals are intuitive to follow. Decorate your floor very beautiful at the same time. Wake up and follow the christmas elf to have fun.